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ACM in line-fans

The ACM Mixed Flow In-Line fan can operate in both horizontal and vertical positions and can be mounted to meet its optimum performance.

The fan should be of the mixed flow design specifically for use with rigid and flexible ducting with energy efficiency and low sound levels in mind. The fan shall be fitted within the ducted system and isolated from the building structure by means of Anti- Vibration mountings.

The fans should be dimensionally compact saving weight and installation costs. 
The casing should be manufactured from galvanised sheet steel and manufacture is controlled to BS EN ISO 9001.

The fan should be fully speed controllable by using a variable speed controller.
The fan should be controlled by humidity, air quality or PIR sensor.
The fan motor should be removable by means of 2 Clip Bands for ease of maintenance.

Motors should have ball bearings greased for life to allow the fan to be installed at any angle and should have Class B insulation to allow the fan to work satisfactorily in ambient air temperatures from -5°C to +50°C and should be fitted with Standard Thermal Overload Protection (S.T.O.P.).

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