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Operation System


Each FORCLIMA Heat Exchanger is equipped with two fans: one provides the extraction of stale air from the environment (smoke, odours etc) and the other the contemporary supply of fresh and clean air from outside.

The heart of the system is a polymer UPVC plastic or aluminium air exchanger that recovers Heat (in winter) and  cold (in summer) of the air stale and moist outgoing air and, at the same time, transfers it to the incoiming fresh air. The two airflows don't cross each other but are separately.
The heat exchangers has an output up to 70-95% so it avoids the usual waste of energy by opening the windows.

By this means the problem of changing the stale air inside the environments withouth wasting energy is solved and, under specific conditions, the Relative Humidity of the supply air is reduced.

The units are diveded in two types: WALL MOUNTED & DUCTING.
The wall mounted units are studied for being installed on the wall or in a glass on the outside wall; the ducting units need to have specific canalizations for the air distribution.

Wall mounted models are ideal for small/medium environments (bedrooms, small offices, bar etc) since their maximun airflows is 500 mc/h.
Ducting models have different airfloes from 100 to 7000 mc/h, so they can be used also in bigger loactions. However in wide environments can also be installed more ducting units for having the ideal exhange of air.

The wall mounted models are provided with helical fans while the ducting models are equipped with centrifugal fans.

In the smallest models the heat exchangers are made of polymeric plastic in order to be lighter; in the bigger units the heat exchager is made of aluminium since it has to bear bigger differential pressure due to higher airflows.

FORCLIMA "ARIA NUOVA"units can be installed either VERTICALLY either HORIZONTALLY depending on the model.
Their operation can be controlled by speed regulators, himidity  and air quality sensors,
Some models are endowed with INVERTER motors: This technology allows to modulate the fans'operation with a better control of numbers of turns, with a minor noise and a minor energy consumption almost 30% (Energy Saving).
INVERTER technology, more expensive is not appliable to all models.

All products rage can be completed with different accessories for installation and distribution systems.


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